Cowboy Bebop Spike & Faye 1st GIG SET Scale Figure


Keeping your composure when under fire is an important skill to have, especially when you're a planet-hopping bounty hunter like the legendary duo of Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine!

This figure set captures the iconic pair in the thick of action, dodging enemy bullets. Faye dives to her left, a stoic look on her face as she uses both hands to return fire with expert precision. Her trademark yellow shorts and top shimmer, while her red shirt and sunglasses add an extra touch of style.

Spike, meanwhile, seems much more relaxed, almost as if he's just falling to his right. His black trenchcoat flows around his blue suit as he gracefully evades his enemies, his shooting hand extended to take down the opposition.

The stylish backdrop completes the scene, adding a touch of kinetic realism as the glass shatters behind Spike and Faye, still barely showing off the Cowboy Bebop logo and a silhouette of Spike's personal ship, the Swordfish II.

Blow this scene to pieces with this dynamic figure set!