A Silent Voice Manga Complete Collection Vol. 2

The award-winning modern classic about a girl who can't hear and her bully, which inspired the acclaimed anime film from Kyoto Animation, returns in a beautiful, two-volume collector's edition. Each extra-large, deluxe hardcover contains about 700 pages of manga on crisp, premium paper, and more than fifty pages of new content.

A Silent Voice Complete Collector's Edition manga volume 2 collects the last half of volume 4, plus volumes 5, 6, and 7 along with all new material including the "pilot" short story, interviews with the author, and a color art gallery presented in this hardcover omnibus edition which features story and art by Yoshitoki Oima.

Despite their tense pasts, Shoya Ishida begins to forgive himself and his old classmates for treating Shoko Nishimiya terribly because she can’t hear. But when more true colors are revealed, movie-making and reconciling are put on hold. With a life hanging in the balance, will Shoya and Shoko be able to fix what is broken? Will everyone finally face their pasts and move forward? What will their futures hold?