Sanrio Heisei Letter Set - Sugarbunnies


Put a touch of nostalgic charm into your correspondence with the Sanrio Letter Set Sugarbunnies in the beloved Heisei design! This delightful letter set features the endearing Sugarbunnies character, bringing back fond memories of Sanrio's Heisei-era creations.

Each set includes beautifully designed writing paper and matching envelopes, adorned with Sugarbunnies' adorable imagery, adding a sweet and nostalgic flair to your letters. Whether you're writing heartfelt notes or sending greetings to friends and loved ones, this letter set adds a special touch of cuteness and warmth to your messages.

Embrace the magic of Sanrio's Heisei design and the lovableSugarbunnies character with this charming Letter Set - a must-have for Sanrio enthusiasts who appreciate the nostalgic essence of Heisei-era creations. Elevate your correspondence and relive the sweet memories of yesteryears with the Sugarbunnies Letter Set!

  • Size is approx. 5.51" x 0.31" x 8.27" / 14x0.8x21cm
  • 2 types of letters x 10 each, envelopes (standard size) x 10, cards x 5, mini envelopes x 5, stickers x 10 (Mini-envelopes cannot be mailed)