Tokidoki Fast Food Besties Blind Box


When you get that craving for a delicious guilty pleasure, only fast food will do! Whether it's burgers and fries, or pizza and ramen, the Fast Food Besties are here to satisfy your hunger for something yummy and fun! Pull up to the drive-through, tokidoki is ready to take your order!

  • List price is for ONE character only
  • Each blind box contains one character sealed in a silver foil bag
  • Each blind box contains a sticker sheet of all characters!
  • Each figure stands at approximately 2.75 inches high (70mm)
  • Characters include: King Burger, Pig’o’Noodles, Benny, Pizzasaurus, Lil’ Burger, Popcorn Guy (chaser!), Bite Size, Small Fry (chaser!), Roller Shakes and Soy Cool
  • Features may include flocking, metallic details, transparent details and more!- Comes in a burger box shaped blind box!
Each quantity ordered equals one blind box. Ordering 10 blind boxes does not guarantee that you will receive all 10 characters.